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Landlord Services in Sparks, NV

Keeping income properties full of responsible tenants is essential for every landlord's livelihood. However, finding the right tenants can be challenging without a dedicated screening process. Even after you secure trustworthy tenants, you may struggle to manage their maintenance needs, as well as rent collecting and evictions.

Turn to our experienced property management professionals and discover how we can ease the burden of income property management. We provide a comprehensive leasing service to screen potential tenants and place them in your units so you don't have to, and we take care of your existing tenants' needs. You never have to worry about handling inspections or eviction situations--we take care of those as well. Reach out to learn more about our convenient landlord services.

The Benefits of Tenant Screening and Our Other Services

A clean, well-cared for property is appealing to potential tenants. However, even if you keep your units in great condition, you still run the risk of bringing in tenants that aren't the best fit for your property. With professional landlord service, though, it's easy to find potential tenants that match your expectations and perform tenant screening services that ensure they’re a good fit. We offer 30-day tenant placement guarantees, as well as a tenant performance guarantee for your peace of mind.

If you've been hoping to fill a unit for a long time, you're probably eager to place the first applicant you receive. However, you have no way of knowing whether your potential tenant is a good match for your property. You don't want to take on a tenant with a history of late payments, for example. That's why it's best to let our landlord service screen your applicants for their:

• Credit Scores
• Sex Offender Status
• Criminal Histories
• Employment Histories
• Rental Histories
Landlord Services in Reno, NV

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Explore Our Services to Find What’s Right for You

Are you looking to be a hands-on landlord or would you rather have all of your services taken care of by our professionals? When you take advantage of our landlord services, you can choose the ones that best match your needs. We offer a range of comprehensive solutions that includes the following:

Finding Your Ideal Tenants: The first step to having reliable tenants is to find them. With our marketing and advertising services, we make it easy for potential renters to find you and determine if they want to live at your property. We post your investment property listing on several rental and real estate websites that get high amounts of traffic. Our professionals make sure to describe the property and put up pictures and videos so anyone viewing the listing can tell right away if the basic details are what they are looking for.

Screening and Choosing Tenants: After potential renters decide if you’re right for them, you have to decide if they are right for you. Our tenant screening process includes background and criminal checks that allow you to have a better idea about who will be living in your property. This service allows you to pare down your options more quickly and be more confident in your tenant acceptance decision.

Collecting Rent on Time: Timely rent collection is what holds any rental business together. That’s why we make it easy for your tenants to pay you and enforce late fees if they don’t.

Inspecting the Property: Tenants who are moving into a house or apartment don’t want to see dust, debris, or mysterious substances left behind by other tenants. And they don’t want to be held responsible caused by previous tenants. With our property inspection services, we take care of the dirty work for you. During move-out and move-in, we go through your property and note anything that needs to be fixed or professionally cleaned.

Evicting Tenants When Necessary: While it is our goal to attract reliable tenants, sometimes they can become unreliable during their time staying at your property. This may be caused by unemployment or unforeseen circumstances in their lives. While these events may be unfortunate, your income depends on your tenants paying you. If you ever have an unreliable tenant, we use swift, compliant eviction methods to ensure you can get a more reliable one as soon as possible.

Landlord services are essential for income property owners that need assistance collecting rent, performing evictions and inspections, and performing regular maintenance. Whether you're busy with our tasks or simply feeling overwhelmed, it helps to know our company is there for you when your properties start to become burdens. Get in touch with a member of our team to learn how we can help. Many proprietors rely on our comprehensive service when they need a dedicated team to look after their properties. Start living free from the stress of tenant needs by enlisting our company's help. Talk to our property management company about your income properties to learn which services will best benefit you.

Contact our specialists to learn how our landlord services can protect you from irresponsible tenants. We serve income property owners that own homes in Reno, Sparks, Wingfield, Saddlehorn, Spanish Springs, and Montreux, NV.